Menopause – A female rite of passage

Maree Lipschitz1

1The Feminine Pathway

Title: Menopause: A female rite of passage

Aim: To discuss the wider aspects and significance of the menopause in a woman’s life in addition to the medical assistance that she may require to get through it. The author has been working in the three female rites of passage in a woman’s life ie menarche, motherhood and menopause for more than 25 years. This presentation will discuss menopause as the most significant rite of passage and the common themes that surround this passage e.g. a sense of chaos and discontent; a profound sense of loss; a sense of needing to let go; the need to make sense of the past and a re-organising of self/identity. The aim is to assist medical professionals to understand that menopause is the transition passage to a woman’s sense of authority and responsibility for her own life and that there is a vital purpose to her life beyond that, irrespective to what our culture tells older women to do, be and look like. Menopause is the doorway to the second half of our lives.