Managing menopause without hormones

Martha Hickey

Menopausal symptoms include vasomotor symptoms (often described as “hot flushes” or “night sweats”) and vaginal dryness. Estrogen-containing hormonal therapies are currently the most effective treatments for these symptoms but are contraindicated for some women and avoided by others. This presentation will review the evidence supporting the efficacy of non-pharmacological and non-hormonal treatments for vasomotor and vaginal symptoms and provide practical advice on evaluating and managing symptoms without hormones.

Learning outcomes for this presentation include understanding the evidence base to support use of non-hormonal and non-pharmacological treatments for menopausal symptoms and understanding the clinical situations where non-hormonal treatments should be offered.


Martha Hickey is Professor of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Head of the Gynaecology Research Centre at the University of Melbourne and the Royal Women’s Hospital, Victoria, Australia. She is also an NHMRC Practitioner Fellow. In her clinical practice she runs the largest public menopause service in Australia and in 2002 established the first multidisciplinary service for managing menopausal symptoms after cancer (MSAC). This service has now been replicated across Australia. She is a Senior Editor for the Cochrane Collaboration Gynaecology and Infertility Group and leads the international COMMA (Core Outcomes in Menopause) initiative.