Barriers and Breakthroughs in Tele-Menopause Care

Dr Kelly Teagle1

1Wellfemme, Canberra, Australia

Current evidence suggests that up to 385,000 Australian women currently experience moderate to severe hot flushes, yet only a small percentage are using effective treatments. Women in rural and remote areas have the lowest rates of treatment because of limited access to expert care. WellFemme, Australia’s first dedicated Telehealth menopause clinic, was established to provide accessible, evidence-based menopause care by internet video-consultation or telephone.

Without Medicare funding GP Telehealth providers will struggle to remain viable and to keep services affordable. During this presentation Dr Kelly Teagle will discuss the establishment of WellFemme, current barriers to the provision of GP-led Telehealth services and proposed solutions.

Dr Teagle will also outline her ongoing trial. Around 150 WellFemme clients from rural and remote areas will be offered discounted fees in return for completing three short questionnaires over twelve months. Questions will include how they found out about the service and whether they would have used the service at full price.

The trial aims to:
1. Determine the most effective means of conveying health information to women in rural and remote areas, and
2. Gather evidence about the need for funding in this area.