Amgen Commercial Symposium – Sunday 8 September, 7.30 – 8.30 

Critical Consultations in Osteoporosis during menopause

Session chair: Dr Jane Elliott, General Practitioner, South Australia
Presenter: Dr Esther Briganti, Endocrinologist, Melbourne

This case-study based presentation provides practical tips and information for discussing bone health with patients during menopause. The focus will be on detecting osteoporotic risk and implementing preventative management strategies.

Presentation – 45 minutes

Patient identification – which patients are most likely to develop osteoporosis? 

  • Osteoporosis risk factor: assess fracture history and fracture risk based on known medical history and medications
  • The fracture cascade – early detection: how to identify clinically silent vertebral fractures
  • BMD: is a baseline advised? How often should it be repeated? Is it needed after a fracture?
  • Summary / key points

Minimising the risk – early detection means early prevention

  • Lifestyle intervention strategies to maintain bone health for patients with osteopenia and osteoporosis, including falls prevention
  • The role of MHT in protecting bone
  • Anti-osteoporosis treatments – safety and efficacy data, including long-term risk/benefit profiles
  • Summary / key point

Questions – 15 minutes

Session chair – Dr Jane Elliott

Dr Jane Elliot is a general practitioner in North Adelaide. She has a long-standing interest in women’s health, especially menopause and osteoporosis. she is experienced in working with women with early menopause and menopause after breast cancer, to manage their health and wellbeing in the long run. Jane is a clinical senior lecturer in the department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She is a past president of the Australasian Menopause Society and is a member of the medical advisory committee of Osteoporosis Australia.

Presenter – Dr Esther Briganti

Dr Esther Briganti is an endocrinologist who has worked in both regional and metropolitan Victoria since attaining her medical degree at Monash University and specialist qualifications at Austin Health. She has a keen interest in the application of evidence-based medical research in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, as well as addressing other risk factors for prevention of fractures.