Why would I refer to a pelvic health physiotherapist?

Annette Beauchamp

Ba Physiotherapy PGC:Continence & Pelvic Rehabilitation MAPA

Sub-Title:  “I have assessed this woman.  She has pelvic symptoms.  I have written prescriptions and referrals to a variety of medical professionals.  Who Next?”

Abstract:  This poster will provide a guide to reasons why a doctor would refer a client with pelvic and other conditions to a pelvic, women’s health physiotherapist. It is meant to aid your understanding of what a physiotherapy entails for specific pelvic conditions. The poster will be created as a grid with conditions on one axis and therapy choices on the other axis.  Conditions will include bladder, bowel, prolapse, skin conditions and pelvic pain.

Contact details for physiotherapists:

https://cfaphysios.com.au/ Australia wide

https://cfaphysios.com.au/ Victoria centric